Student Admission Policy

YTU Schools Elementary is a private school affiliated with the Ministry of National Education (MEB). All activities regarding the provision of education, administration, tasks and services are carried out in line with the procedures and principles in the relevant regulations of the MEB. The language of education is Turkish. English and French are taught as foreign languages.

Admission to the School

Enrollments are made after the registration applications reach the admission office in line with the quotas determined by YTU Schools, and these applications are evaluated.

Quotas are available for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade for the 2022–2023 academic year. The primary quota announcement will be made for the 4th grade depending on the pre-enrollment. When applying for enrollment, it is necessary to comply with the birth dates in the table below.

AGE 4+ (pre-registration) October 1, 2018–September 30, 2019
AGE 5+ (kindergarten) October 1, 2017–September 30, 2018
1st GRADE September 30, 2017 and before
2nd GRADE Students that passed the 1st grade
3rd GRADE (pre-registration) Students that passed the 2nd grade

The admission form is completed via our website, and the enrollment and admission office contacts the parent of the student.

Families of students who apply for registration are invited to introductory meetings. With the guidance evaluations carried out during the introductory meetings, a decision is made for each child for admission to kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade. The school’s academic program and the student’s characteristics must be in harmony. 

If there is no quota in the classes applied for, the parents are informed about the situation at the end of the enrollment renewal process for existing students. Students can be admitted by taking into consideration special circumstances, such as moving from abroad or from another city.


In our schools, students who have already started their education are admitted in line with the quota.

In addition to the counseling unit, class teachers and English teachers will be present in the acquaintance interviews for students who have started their education and are willing to transfer to our school. The academic background of the students is of great importance due to the limited quotas. If deemed necessary, previous report cards and references from previous teachers and schools may be requested.


The foreign students to be enrolled in our school are required to present a valid passport and education visa. No education visa is required for the children of foreigners whose country of origin is unknown or who have refugee status. People with this status should present a residence permit of at least six months issued by the security authorities. No education visa is required for the children of foreigners who are allowed to work and reside in Turkey. However, it must be documented that one of the child’s parents or guardians has obtained a work permit in Turkey or has a residence permit of at least six months. For the enrollment of children of the personnel working at the foreign chief of missions or international organization representations in Turkey, a passport must be presented. Former Turkish citizens (and their children) who have earned the right to obtain another citizenship upon obtaining permission from the Council of Ministers to renounce Turkish citizenship are enrolled without any requirements.

Since the students are obliged to follow the curriculum of the MEB, they must have a good command of Turkish. The parents must present the certificate of equivalence for students transferring from abroad. 


There is no scholarship for kindergarten and elementary school levels at YTU Schools. (The scholarship procedures for middle school and high school will be announced at a later date. Applications for need-based scholarships are governed by the YTU Schools Scholarship Commission.)


In the event of cancellation before the academic year commences, the entire tuition fee will be refunded. In the event of cancellation after the academic year commences, a 10% deduction will be made in line with the relevant articles of the Regulation of MEB Private Education Institutions, and the fee corresponding to the number of days the student attended school will be charged.

Tuition Fees for the 2023–2024 Academic Year

School Type


Tuition Fee (Excluding VAT)

TL 350,000

Meal Fee (Including VAT)

TL 35,000

VAT will be calculated as 8% as per the legislation in force. (The increases or reductions in this rate implemented by the government in the future will be applied to the fees as of the effective date of the law.)

YTU academic and administrative personnel receive a 60% discount on tuition fees for their children.

YTU students and graduates receive a 40% discount on tuition fees for their children.

Personnel working at companies under Yıldız Technopark receive a 40% discount on tuition fees for their children.

All academic personnel working in other universities and all teachers working in either public or private schools receive a 20% discount on tuition fees for their children.

A sibling discount of 10% is applied individually for each child.

For the third sibling and more, the discount rate is 15%.

Interest will be applied for installment payments.

Our schools do not have any agreements with other institutions.

Information and Application Form

YTU and YTU Yıldız Technopark have taken responsibility for our future. Yıldız Elements of Education are applied at the campus for the sustainable future we desire in a changing world. During the 111-year academic history, action has been taken to contribute to our children.

As of the academic year 2022–2023, YTU Schools welcome kindergarten and elementary school students at the Davutpaşa Campus of YTU. With an elegant campus life for children, an English-focused education starting from kindergarten, and an experience-oriented approach, YTU Schools offer strong academic content and technological literacy.

Contact us for your candidate student applications, let your star shine.

Details of the Candidate’s Parent

Details of the Candidate Student

COVID-19 Precautions

The measures to be taken for our interviews to be held in YTU Schools are as follows: 

  1. We expect the candidate’s parents to check their body temperature before arriving at our school for face-to-face introductions. 
  2. Parents with a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius and above should notify the admissions office. Their meetings will be rescheduled as online or face-to-face meetings. 
  3. Masks are mandatory during school visits. 
  4. There are non-contact temperature devices at school entrances.
  5. Risk-free visitors are welcomed to meetings and presentations. 
  6. Visitors can bring their own hand sanitizers or use the sanitizer stations located at various points in the school. 
  7. Personal interviews are scheduled in meeting rooms of a suitable size considering the number of attendees and not to exceed 30 minutes.
  8. The presentations are also planned according to the number of attendees and the length of the presentation.
  9. All necessary hygiene measures are taken in the interview rooms before and after the interview.
  10. The interviews are held in compliance with the social distancing rules.


As YTU Schools, we strive to protect your personal data. For this reason, we wanted to explain in detail how we use your personal data. As we are responsible for the administrative and technical security of the data, it is of great importance for us to demonstrate that we have clearly understood our obligations. 

Article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“KVKK”), which entered into force on April 7, 2016, requires people whose personal data is processed (used) to be informed by the data controller who uses such data. As the data controller, YTU Schools must prove that these people were informed. 

Your full name, student’s full name, student’s date of birth (only month and year), your mobile phone number as contact data, and your e-mail address, as well as the school, academic year, class applied for, your appointment date, notes taken regarding the student, and the e-mail contents (if you made your application via e-mail) are the personal data we use. 

You hereby accept that the necessary information is provided to the data subject regarding the personal data of the third parties shared. We strongly advise you not to share any information that is not requested in the form with us by taking into considering that it may be requested in the future. 

As YTU Schools, we can collect your personal data via the information you have provided and the application form you have completed on our website, as well as via phone, e-mail, or our interviews. Your personal data is collected via digital or non-digital means.

We need such information to prepare necessary contracts, execute them, and fulfill our legitimate interests without prejudice to your fundamental rights and freedoms. Such legitimate interests include contacting you regarding enrollment procedures, identifying you and the student, determining the grade of the student, evaluating whether the student is compliant with the school culture, planning enrollment procedures, and planning and tracking parent interviews. Your data is never used outside the procedures we have specified here. 

We may have to transfer your personal data to official bodies, our business partners, auditors, attorneys, and financial advisors. However, we transfer such data only in accordance with specific purposes and with your knowledge. Your personal data can be transferred to attorneys, auditors and tax advisors for the execution of our business processes as per the legislation and the follow-up and execution of legal affairs; other official bodies such as regulatory and supervisory bodies, courts and enforcement offices for informing authorized bodies and organizations and your proxies and representatives authorized by you for fulfilling your requests. 

To give you control over your personal data, the KVKK grants you numerous rights that include but are not limited to learning whether your personal data is processed or not; demanding information regarding whether your personal data has been processed; learning the purpose of the processing of your personal data and whether this personal data is used in compliance with the purpose; knowing the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred in-country or abroad; requesting the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data (if any) and requesting the erasure or destruction of your personal data. 

You can find all these rights and their details in Article 11 of the KVKK. In the event you wish to execute any of your rights, you can communicate your request in writing (through a warning letter or registered letter) or via a registered e-mail address, secure electronic signature, mobile signature, or using your e-mail address registered in our system, which you have provided to us in advance.

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